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Gathering Herbs by windwolf55x5
Gathering Herbs
And they brought back a ton of poison oak...

These two would be pretty useless if they were sent out to look for herbs.

Herb gathering quest for the group :iconluvecheirosa: 

This is probably the best background I have ever done in my life
Diego Reference by windwolf55x5
Diego Reference
Wow I got like a story here for the background. And Edit, I finished everything or a least I think I did xD

When I read on the professions document that there was a assassin profession, I knew it would only be a matter of time until I made another assassin character. I told myself that I didn't need another assassin character since I have sooo many of them, but did I listen. NOPE x)

well here is a new character for the group :iconluvecheirosa: meet Diego the Fell assassin
Fell, Vukar, and Vispera are original species that belong to umbrafen

Links to my other characters for this group:
Barrett Refrence
Lukas Reference

Name: Diego

Species: Fell: his mother was also Fell specifically a Monarch Vispera/ Arboreal-Marboreal cross Vukar. And his father is a pure Trapper Vispera. He takes a lot of his father's genes but still has enough of his mother's genes to have a garu form.

Date of Birth: October 12, 2570


Eras Active: Calm

Hometown: Halifax Clan

Relationships: Aaron(father), Elisa(mother)-Deceased

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Marital Status: Single/Open 

Organizations: Clan

Profession: Assassin

Personality: Comes out as mostly Arrogant, Cold, and merciless. He thinks very highly of himself, most likely due to having a somewhat wealthy family and by being spoiled a little bit by his father. He is extremely smart and very charismatic. He enjoys messing with things to see how they work and he also enjoys puzzle games. He is also great with women and has been with a lot of different women is his life, but has not yet settled down with a permanent lover. Even though he is seen as kind of a jerk, he can actually be caring with those he is close to. He is also very patient and when he has some sort of job or goal to accomplish he will go at it until he gets it done. When tracking a target his known to follow them for weeks, and the longest he ever spent chasing a target was for two years. So far he hasn't failed at killing a target, and because of this he can be very arrogant.

Background: His mother and father were both assassins that worked for Halifax Clan military. They met while on a mission that they were assigned to do together as partners, since the two of them worked so well together they would most of the time be paired together for missions. And through this the two of them developed a close bond. Elisa gave birth to Diego in the Clan, and since then she could not go on missions nearly as much as she used to. To continue to provide for them Aaron would do extra missions all by himself. When Diego got to an age where he could be left at home (with a babysitter of course) for long periods of time Elisa started going out on missions with Aaron more frequently again. But one day when Diego was five Aaron and Elisa left on a mission again, they were told that this mission would be hard one as their target was a merchant traveling with a heavily guarded caravan, and that they would be traveling through enemy territory. The two of them haven't been on a tough mission together it along time and they were confident with their skills, so excitedly they accepted the mission. But sadly this mission turned out to be a lot harder than they ever would have thought. And in a tragic indecent, as they were following the caravan they ended up being led straight into an ambush. Some how Ghost Run had found out about their mission and surrounded them with a small army of soldiers. The two of them tried to retreat but were overwhelmed by the soldiers, Elisa was killed and Aaron managed to escape with his life but was seriously injured with a huge gash on his back. Some how he managed it back to clan territory, passing out at the border he ended being found by a patrol and was brought back to receive immediate medical attention. 

Aaron was never the same after that, he was torn apart by the loss of his lover. And the injury that he had gotten to his back crippled him, making it near impossible to do anything that required physical activity. Because of all this he became depressed and started having suicidal thoughts, but the only thing that kept him going was Diego. No longer having a mother Aaron had took it upon himself to fulfill both roles the best he could. Raising Diego by himself proved challenging especially since he no longer could work his old job, they had a lot of money that they had saved up but it would only last so long. So he ended up getting a job as an inventor sketching new ideas for weapons and tools, (this is how Diego developed a interest for tinkering) and he proved to be quite successful, earning a decent sum of money. Diego ended up developing a close bond with his father, caring for him when ever he would enter stages of depression, But eventually when Diego got older he ended  up looking for a job of his own, trying out at becoming an inventor like his father, but it just wasn't satisfying enough. Despite all the warnings and protests he got from his father, a job as an assassin is what interested him the most. But the temptation was just to strong and he ended up joining the assassin career, getting into a huge argument with his father afterward. And he ended up being really good at the career and also ended up really enjoying it. Arguments with his father got more frequent each time he would go out on a mission. He loved his father a lot but he also really loved his career and he couldn't see himself doing anything else. And even though he promised himself that he would stay with his father, he just couldn't take the arguments with him anymore and he moved out. He enjoyed living alone but at the sometime he felt very guilty about it and he would try to visit his father often to check on him but each visit would never really end well. Aaron having had his son left him got even more depressed and anti-social. He loves his son but at the same time he was angry at him and felt betrayed by his selfishness. Diego continues to go out on missions but always feels guilty about his choices, but unable to go back he continues on.

Likes/Dislikes: Likes- puzzles, messing with people, sparing with swords, assassinating targets, hunting and tracking all sorts of things, watching pit vukar fights, and seducing women. His preferences with women are other Fells and Vispera. He also likes dancing especially with a partner. He also likes Humans, they're delicious. Dislikes- annoying people who talk a lot, bright sunlight (he can still see during the day but bright light hurts his eyes), some vukar as he sees them as competition, he particularly doesn't like Ghost Run and the covenant as they killed his mother (but he is not as touchy as his father is about this). Hates that his father doesn't understand his reasons for becoming an assassin and doesn't like how over protective he is. At the same time he hates himself for abandoning his father.

Strengths/Weaknesses:  Strengths- he is extremely quick and cunning, is also very agile. Can scale or climb just about anything no mater what form his in, although he is better at it in garu. Is very stealthy and can blend in completely with the shadows. He can walk very silently especially when in garu, he also can move very quick when sneaking but makes almost no sound when moving slowly. Since he is so used to it, even when walking normally his foot steps are silent and only those with sensitive hearing can hear his coming. Knows where the weak spots are on most creatures, and was trained to know the location of the pressure points on Vukar. Due to his Trapper heritage he is highly intelligent and he puts a lot if this to use when doing his job. His extreme patience is also a strength of his. Weaknesses- Although he is fast his strength is only decent and his defenses are even worse. When fighting he cannot let anyone touch him as he can be easily bested by most Vukar. Although he is constantly training his endurance, he still doesn't have as much stamina as some Vukar and even Vispera. He is good a preserving it but when he is using his full speed he can tire out very quickly. All this is why he relies so much on stealth, but another one of his downfalls is that he is very over-confident and has come close a few times to making the same mistakes his parents made.
Dragon Bee by windwolf55x5
Dragon Bee
I can't stop making these things they are so much fun xD I figured that a bee would be very important for the ecosystem, and I assume that most bees are extinct during this time.
This is for the group :iconluvecheirosa:

I have another one that I will be posting soon, I still need to think of a name for it but I am so bad a names as you can tell.

A lot of the information that is in here is based off of real honey bees, I found all the information in various places online.


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